Family Owned Appomattox Store Faces Competition from Tractor Supply Store

Appomattox, VA - A new Tractor Supply store is opening in Appomattox. The chain is known nation-wide, as a one stop shop for farmers.

You'd think everyone would be excited about the new location, well, not the case.

The retail chain some say, is threatening Mom and Pop farm shops throughout Appomattox.

Many local stores have survived for years though and say no big box retail chain is going to change that.

Not much has changed in 67 years at Coleman and Sons. It was 2012 when the farming supply store got its first computerized register.

Owner, Ron Coleman couldn't believe what was coming soon, just minutes down the street.

"I thought it was a rumor, but then it turned out it was right" he said.

He said it's going to be hard to compete with a Tractor Supply.

"It's kind of like playing against a casino, everything's fine and well as long as you're winning but when you take a hard loss, you've got no money left to back up and they do, see they can afford to lose" said Coleman.

A lot of Coleman's products would be offered at the retail chain. However, Coleman said, his store offers something bigger ones cannot.

"We do full service, you know we carry bags out to the cars" he said.

"As a customer, I know everybody so it's friendly, and they know what I like, and what kind of feed I use" said customer, Lori Matthews.

"The people that are in here all the time, you know them, first name basis, and people, they like that" said employee, Heather McCormick.

"It's a friendly, neighborhood type store. They know their customers by name, they know their animals and everybody's used to doing business here" said Matthews.

But there are some, like cattle farmer, Chuck Warner, who rely on Tractor Supply, "It's also the other miscellaneous stuff that goes with farming, that Tractor Supply has such a tremendous assortment" he said.

Right now, Warner drives to the store's Farmville location to buy supplies he said he can't get anywhere else.

"Why do we have five or six grocery stores? Same idea, why do we have all kinds of restaurants? Everyone has a little something different" he said.

No word yet on when exactly Tractor Supply will be opening.

Coleman said his store survived the opening of a Wal-Mart and many other chains, he doesn't see Tractor Supply being too much of a concern.

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