Update: Family of Slain Pittsylvania County Teen Seek More Answers In His Death


Pittsylvania Co., VA - For five months, the Abbott family has been praying for answers.

"You think it will happen to somebody else, then when it happens to you, you just can't believe it, " said Abbott's Grandmother Shirley Abbott.
The Pittsylvania County Sheriff's office interviewed dozens of witnesses that attended the party on Chestnut Level Lane where Michael Abbott got into a fight and later lost his life inside a car, but the family isn't willing to accept all of what they've heard.
"I know Michael didn't do it, " said Abbott's mother Beverly Peay.
Peay says the evidence - or lack thereof - left investigators no choice but to rule his death a suicide, but family members say Abbott would not have taken his own life.
"Anybody that knew him, they know that this thing that has been said, can't possibly be true, " said Shirley Abbott.
They say Michael was about to enroll at DCC and had ordered new parts to add to his truck that weekend.
For them, nothing about that fateful night adds up.
"We don't even understand how he got where he was at that place with that party, because he wasn't a party goer, " said Shirley Abbott.
Three men and a juvenile have been arrested for misdemeanor assault, but Abbott's family believes someone out there still knows more about the way her son died.
"I would hate to think that they're out here going free and have the chance to hurt somebody else, " Peay said.
Sheriff Mike Taylor declined to comment on the case until after the trial.

Abbott's family is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction in Michael's death.
They hope local businesses and organizations will be willing to contribute to that reward.

Pittsylvania Co., VA - The family of Charles Michael Abbott, the 19-year-old found dead in his car after a party last August, says they want more answers about what happened that night.

Abbott died from a single gun shot wound to the head after the party, where witnesses say Abbott got into a fight with a group of young men. A pistol was found inside the car with him.

Family members say the Medical Examiner in Roanoke ruled Abbott's death a suicide, but his mother, Beverly Peay, does not believe her son would have taken his own life.

Three men and a juvenile have been charged with assault in connection to the fight at the party.

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