Family of Alexis Murphy Receives Her High School Diploma

A picture perfect day for graduation at Nelson County High School. It's a day that high school students dream about. For the family of Alexis Murphy, it's a bittersweet day that they knew was coming.Angela Taylor, the aunt of Alexis Murphy, said "We knew this day was coming, so we were happy to know that, you know, the community is behind our family one hundred and ten percent." Nelson Co., VA - The school made a special presentation to the family of Alexis, giving them the diploma she would have walked the aisle for. Students and faculty showed their support for the Murphy family, and others who had passed on during the school year, during the commencement ceremony. Nelson County High Principal Todd Weidow told the crowd "We are strong. And we have faced more recent losses of a beloved teacher, and two classmates, who should be sitting beside you today." With the final toss of the caps into the sky complete, Taylor hopes the family can now start to put the pieces back together, while working to make sure that no other family deals with an abduction, saying that it's time to "...just to really start the healing process, and continuing to promote awareness about abduction." Healing for a family, and for the community in Nelson County. As principal Todd Weidow put it,"Whether your future takes you to another state, or to another country, you will always be 'Nelson Strong'."