Family Members Try to Contact Those Near Navy Yard

Lynchburg, VA - Many family and friends watched the terror in our nation's capital play out on their TV or computer, Monday. Some not knowing if their loved ones in that area were ok.

Whether frantically trying to phone a family member, or waiting on pins and needles for a Facebook update, it was, no doubt, a difficult day for those with family or friends near the Navy Yard.

For much of the day the terror playing out at the Navy Yard gripped the national news spotlight. All eyes glued to the T.V. for family members like Bri Keyes.

"It's unnerving. He could be anywhere, he could be in a meeting over there" said Keyes.

Her cousin is a contractor for the Navy. He works in a building just blocks from where the alleged shooter opened fire.

Keyes called instantly to check on him, "I did get in touch with him and he said that he was at his office and outside his window he could see just chaos. He said there were tanks going; he said there were people running everywhere, the helicopters flying back and forth from the buildings" she said.

Her cousin would ultimately spend more than eight hours under lockdown in his office building, sending Keyes pictures of the scene unfolding just outside his window.

"When you think that somebody can go into such a classified area and do this kind of damage, it just makes it very scary" said Keyes.

And on social media, Navy Yard employees on lockdown, like Fred Pollard from Bedford, updating his friends and family via Facebook; making periodic posts throughout the day.

One read: "We feel as if we are all hostages right now."

His last post of the day, was a clear sign of sorrow: "This is a sad place tonight. I have talked with people who were in the building. These are the people I ride METRO with in the mornings. Please keep all the people in your prayers."

We know that Keyes' cousin was lifted from lockdown and allowed to leave his office building. We are unaware if the lockdown Pollard's building was ever lifted.