Family, Law Enforcement & Teammates React To Missing Alexis Murphy

Lovingston, VA -{}The search continues Wednesday night for missing 17-year-old Alexis Murphy.

Investigators with federal, state and local agencies have convened in Nelson County, their command center, which is ground zero for discovering the missing teen's whereabouts. Investigators are still very much piecing together the clues.

So much is still left unanswered -- one thing we know for sure though, this missing teen has left this community devastated. At this press conference, a glimpse into the hole, missing 17-year-old Alexis Murphy, has left for her family.

"We really have got to get her home. Our family is really struggling with this and we really do need the public to come forward with any information that you may have," said Alexis Murphy's aunt Angela Taylor.

Alexis' Aunt, Angela Taylor overcome with emotion, had a message for her niece. "Just to Alexis, just know that we're working on bringing you home because we all miss you," said Taylor.

Another Aunt, Trina Murphy, begging her to hold on to hope.{} "Alexis if you're out there, and you can hear us, just know that your family loves you. We will never stop till you are home. Our family circle is broken right now, but it will be mended,"said Murphy's aunt Trina Murphy.

Murphy's family at Nelson County High School feeling broken as well. "Its been difficult, its been very hard for me and my players," said Nelson County Volleyball Coach Vicki Crawford.

Murphy's volleyball team took to the court and started up practices on Monday. They're playing now without their star athlete. Murphy's coach describes Number 9 as a standout.

She says the senior was returning as a team captain.

"Alexis was going to be a leader on this team this year, and were still hoping she will be when she's returned safely,"said Crawford.

"A lot of people knew her and there wasn't really any person that didn't like her. She's very outgoing and athletic," said Murphy's teammate Savannah McGary.

"You do not deserve whatever has happened to you, or any of this. You are an innocent 17 year old girl who had so much promise,"said Taylor.

The FBI is encouraging anyone with any information at all to contact the Nelson County Sheriff's Department. The slightest clues, they say can lead to this young girl, being found.

There will be a vigil Thursday night at 7:30 at Nelson County High School. Organizers are asking people to bring their own candles and bring extra candles.