Family Hopes for Answers of Henry County Missing Man

Henry Co., VA - A Henry County man ran off into the woods five years ago, and he's been missing ever since. Still, the sheriff's office doesn't know what happened to Keith Fetter or if there was any foul play involved.

In that time, not a day has gone when Jennifer Fetter doesn't replay the events of that May afternoon.
"Until I have answers I don't know that I'll ever be able to move on," she said.
Fetter and her husband Keith had been separated for just a few months when he stopped by the house with his friends. She says he came to show them a dog around back. As he walked to the backyard, Fetter says Keith hit his head, and that changed his personality.
"He was very angry. And he was yelling and just very angry," said Fetter.
Fetter had to convince him to even get back in the car. But when he did, they drove off.
"He wasn't really making much sense," said Fetter.
Down the road, at a stop sign, Fetter watched someone get out of the car, and someone else get in. That's when she says Keith ran out and into the woods.
"He got out of the car, and that was the last time I ever saw him," said Fetter.
Fetter suspects something happened to him because she says he never would abandon his children.
"Maybe this time somebody will have a conscious and come forward," said Fetter.
For now Fetter has a life filled with questions of what-if and what happened.
"He was my best friend, my husband, my soul mate and it's very hard," said Fetter.
She just waits for a day she can hopefully learn more about May 24, 2008 and then get closure.
The Henry County Sheriff's office says this is still an open case. They are not sure if it was foul play but they say that they believe there was a reason he ran out of the car perhaps because of an argument.
If you have any information, you are asked to call the Henry County Sheriff's Office at 276-638-8751.