Family Holds Fundraiser to Help Find Missing Sister

South Boston, VA-One family in South Boston is not giving up in their efforts to find their missing sister. Hattie Brown has been missing since 2009. She{}was last seen in the parking lot of a Sheetz gas station. Her car was found in a lake two months later and her {}family has been looking for her ever since.

On Saturday, they held a fundraiser to help start a private investigation into their sister's disappearance. A community in South Boston came out to Constitution Square, looking for the answer to one question.

"I'm sure everybody is feeling the same way I am, that they want to find out what happened to Hattie, " Betty Wade said.

If Hattie was still alive, she'd be celebrating her 52nd birthday. Although the search has gone on for more than three years now, her family is still optimistic.

{}"We always try to honor our sister's birthday. Yesterday was her birthday and so we want to have a nice event for her birthday and we're hoping and praying... the funds will go toward trying to find her whereabouts," Hattie's sister Diane Brown said.

State Police haven't had any leads since Hattie's car was found. Now her family is taking matters into their own hands... and hiring a private investigator.

{}{}"They're not giving up, they know God is going to come forward and bring an end to this one way or another, " Wade said.

Family says the fundraiser was a huge success and the support was overwhelming.

"We are just so thankful and blessed to see so many people to turn out," Hattie's brother Randy Brown said.

{}"Hattie would say all this for me, she wouldn't believe it but it is all just for her," Hattie's sister Tee Barksdale said.Although this family is waiting for closure, they say they will never lose hope. "I'm feeling overjoyed, overwhelmed, excited," Barksdale said.

Hattie's family hoped to raise at least $25,000 from the event to start the process of hiring a private investigator.

We haven't gotten the total amount raised yet.

If you'd like to make a donation, you can send it to{} P.O. Box 61, Clover, VA 24534 or call Brown's sister Tee Barksdale at (434) 525-3923.