Family Has Questions Following Police Incident Death

Lynchburg, VA - State Police are taking over an investigation into the bizarre series of events following an arrest attempt Tuesday night in Lynchburg's White Rock neighborhood.

It's an arrest attempt that sent 29 year old Levon DeShawn Martin of Madison Heights to the hospital Tuesday. On Wednesday afternoon, Martin died.

Wednesday night, a candle light vigil was held by family and friends in honor of the father of four.

Still so much anger among many, over an incident that to some, just simply doesn't make sense.

It was a sea of candles Wednesday night in the White Rock community, all to honor the father, 29 year old Levon or "Shawn" Martin. He died Wednesday after an incident with Lynchburg police Tuesday night.

The pastor's message to this mourning crowd, a clear sign of their feelings, "And we ask Father God, that Justice Lord, will prevail" he said.

It began when Lynchburg Police went to execute two arrest warrants in the neighborhood where Martin was meeting with friends. He ran from police, ultimately surrendering. Police would discover later, that he was not the man they wanted. But in carrying him to the street, police say he collapsed. And at 2 p.m. Wednesday, after spending hours in a coma, Martin's family says doctors told them he died of cardiac arrest.

"If he had gotten to the hospital in time, he probably would be here today" said Diago Martin, the victim's brother.

Martin, sat by his brother's side in the hospital; something, he says, just doesn't add up "The doctors told police that he had to be sitting out longer than five to ten minutes is what they said. Of course it was handled the wrong way. I mean, it's a known fact" he said.

Lynchburg Police say an investigation into Martin's death is now being headed up by State Police.

But until they figure out exactly what happened, this community will mourn the loss of a father of four.

"Love him to death; he'll always be in my heart. I'll never forget him" said Martin.

Martin said his brother ran from Police because he simply did not want to be bothered by them. Lynchburg Police say the Commonwealth's Attorney is aware of the incident and is working with State Police.