Family Grateful for Waitress Efforts to Help Their 6-Year-Old with Autism

Lynchburg, VA -{}A breakfast trip took a turn for the worst for one family's son, who has autism. 6-year-old Gavin ordered a Funny Face pancake at the IHOP in Lynchburg. Gavin's mother says when his order came out he went under the table in an uncontrollable fit. She says many people aren't very understanding about his public tantrums. So she never thought their waitress would go so far, to bring a smile to his face. After a long morning at school registration, Karen Jackson and Clay Lewis decided to take their 6-year-old son Gavin to breakfast. "We told him about IHOP, he loves fruit, so we told him that they have different types of pancakes" said Gavin's mother Karen Jackson. Gavin got to combine both with the funny face pancake. But when his order came out, he noticed the maraschino cherries were missing. "He said where are my cherries? He wanted his cherries. I said 'oh God' we ran out" said IHOP waitress Michelle Glass. The missing cherries triggered an uncontrollable temper tantrum and Gavin refused to eat his food. "It's hard to discipline him, no form of discipline works for Gavin because of the type of autism he has. Which is Asperger" said Jackson In steps waitress Michelle Glass. She says she couldn't bear seeing him so sad, so she went out on her break to the nearby CVS in search of cherries. They didn't have any, but she settled for the next best thing. "I came back with the gummy bears and asked him if he wanted to decorate his own little funny face. That made him happy" said Glass. "He thanked her for the gummy bears and we just had an overall great experience at IHop" said Jackson. Gavin's parents say many bystanders are not sympathetic when he throws fits, so they're moved Glass went to such great lengths to make him happy. "He told his papa that night that he had a great day" said Jackson.