Family Finds Damaged Headstones at Concord Cemetery, Possible Vandalism

Concord, VA - A Concord family is trying to figure out who would vandalize a cemetery on Webster Drive just off Route 24.

One headstone is overturned, one is missing, and the wall around the cemetery appears to have been torn down.

Dee Koelsch lives nearby and says she noticed the damage about a week ago.

" I was just like (gasps) This is not the same place. It looked totally different."

The cemetery is buried behind a lot of brush.

A headstone is toppled all the way over and another one is missing the top half.

"Somebody took it off of the pedestal," said Koelsch.

One grave is still upright and caught our attention. It's Major Daniel James Evans' grave, and Koelsch says she found a record for a person with the same name and title who was a confederate soldier.

"United States Civil War1861 to 1865," she said.

This may or may not be the same person buried here.

"Everybody deserves respect, but especially a war veteran," said Koelsch.

Koelsch says she doesn't go back there often, so she doesn't know when all this damage happened.

Captain Billy Crowe with the Campbell County Sheriff's Office says no one has filed a report.

"We will reach out to the complainant and see if she wants to file a police report and step up patrols in that area," said Crowe.

He says incidents like this are rare for the county

"Usually a cemetery is a sanctuary and people don't really go in and do damage."

Koelsch says the graveyard is home to about 25 people but does not know much more outside of that. The sheriff's office is now looking into it, so we'll have to wait and see what they find out.