Family and Friends Talk About Halifax County Drowning Victim

Halifax County, VA - A Halifax County man has now become the third drowning victim in our area in the last two weeks.

Jonathan Brumfield, 31, died Tuesday. He was playing with friends in a creek, when he went underwater.
His mother says he enrolled at Danville Community College just a few hours before and was looking forward to starting his career. She says he went to the creek Tuesday night to celebrate.
On a sunny, calm day at a creek in Halifax County, only a pair of muddied sandals mark the place where tragedy struck.
"I'll never get over it. I will never get over it because he was my best friend," said Carly Myers, Brumfield's friend.
Myers has been to the creek countless times, often with Brumfield. The trip soon turned into a nightmare, though. Myers says Brumfield took off his shoes and got in the creek with friends.
"After 30 seconds, we didn't notice him come back up," said Myers.
Realizing something may have gone terribly wrong, Myers called 911 while friends searched the water and eventually found him.
"He says I feel him. And they got him up and got him on the bank through the woods over there and started to administer CPR," said Myers.
Crews rushed Myers to Halifax Regional Hospital.
"I was praying, I was just praying so hard that he would pull through," said Myers.
Doctors later pronounced Brumfield dead.
"He said there is nothing we can do for him. And I just lost it," said Dorothy Moore, Brumfield's mother.
Moore says her son always knew how to swim and doesn't understand what happened.
"I hope he didn't suffer. I hope he didn't suffer," said Moore.
Now, she has a warning to anyone wanting to play in water this summer: be careful.
"I don't want them to go through what I'm going through. It's nothing like losing a child," said Moore.
Myers insists the water did not have a strong current at the time of the accident. She adds that Brumfield knew where the rocks were so it would surprise her if he hit his head on one.
Myers says they are now hoping autopsy results provide some answers.