Family and Friends Search Nelson County for Alexis Murphy

Lynchburg, VA- A public search was held in Nelson County Sunday for missing Nelson County teen Alexis Murphy. The search was organized by B.B. Shaver's SHOPO organization.

They pick up trash every Sunday from area highways. Sunday they decided to dedicate their efforts to searching for Alexis Murphy. The group of more than a hundred people, most closely connected with the Murphy family, split up all over Nelson County.

One group targeted the property where suspect Randy Taylor's trailer once stood. This caused a confrontation with the property owner that almost ended the search all together.

More than 50 people gathered at E.C. Glass high school to form a search party and head to Nelson County High School to meet up with more than 50 more volunteers. They all had one common goal: to find Alexis. {}

"We're looking for anything- evidence, anything that we can help and see to bring this young lady home, that's what it's all about," said B.B. Shavers, who organized the search.

They went over guidelines, prayed, and prepared to begin their search.

"There's a lot of people that could be in church, a lot of people that could be hunting, a lot of people that could be doing a lot of other things, but they're here for this cause," said Mike Osei, a former police officer that helped search for Alexis.

Once arriving in Nelson County, they split ways.

"It means so much to see everyone out here today. It means that they have hope and faith too, so it just means a lot to me that they've put this together to do a search to find my daughter," said Laura Murphy, Alexis' mother.

The main place of interest was the property where Randy Taylor's trailer and truck once were. They have since been taken by the FBI, but that didn't stop these folks from leaving any stone, board, or piece of trash unturned.

It wasn't long before the property owner became aware of the crowd. She came to the scene and told everyone to leave, putting the search on hold, until Alexis Murphy's mother got involved. After nearly 30 minutes, their conversation came to an end and with tears and hugs, the owner gave permission for the search to continue.

This has not been confirmed with the Sheriff's Office, but there were some people who found what they called evidence while searching. All the searchers said they planned to search until sun-down in hopes to find anything that would lead them to Alexis.{}