Families of Route 501 Accident Grieve For Loved Ones Lost

24 year old Trinity Burks dropped her two year old son off at home, before running out to the store for a stick of butter.

It would be the last time her son would hug his mother again.

Crews were called to the accident scene at the intersection of Route 501 and Bocock Road, at 6:45pm on June 9th. When they arrived, they found 21 year old Cliff Maresco, who was dead at the scene. State Police say Maresco was traveling on his motorcycle at a high rate of speed, and collided with Burks.

Burks was transported to the hospital, where she passed away a short while later.

ABC 13 spoke with Scott Elliott, who is an uncle to Trinity Burks. Mr. Elliott says that Trinity was a devoted mother to her two year old son, saying "She was always keeping him in the spotlight, and doing things with him. Taking him to play...A very devoted mother."

Scott says that the hearts of the Burks family also go out to the Maresco family, as well, for their loss.

A memorial fund has been set up, in Trinity's name, at American National Bank, in order to help provide for the future of the two year old Trinity Burks left behind.