Sending Love to the Community

Reporter: Sally Delta

Lynchburg, VA - More than 400 missionaries are putting their hands and minds to work here in Central Virginia.

It's part of Eagle Eyrie's MC2, or Missions Connection Camp. The camp has mothers and daughters and brothers and sisters working side by side. They're doing everything from knitting, to preaching the gospel, to fixing up homes.

Kitty McCann has lived in this house on Langhorne Road for 11 years. She has spent many nights praying for help to fix the peeling paint on the outside.

"My husband just died two years ago so I can't do but so much," she said. "I love my home and I like it in order and I like things pretty and I didn't like the way it was."

Lynchburg Community Action Group heard about her problem and teamed up with Eagle Eyrie Missions Connection campers to fix it.

"We're here to just basically be God's hands and feet and help out in any way we can," said Chris Mahon with the camp.

Mahon spent last year fixing a roof at another Lynchburg home. Along with helping others, it gave him a chance to bond with his brother who had been away at college.

"So I don't really get to see him much and doing all the hard work on the roof with him, I just got to know him more so than I have ever done before," said Mahon.

"You go to church every Sunday, and you see each other for an hour this gives us a chance to get to know each other more closely," said Sten Cempe, a crew leader.

It's a chance for the Baptist family of Virginia to connect as a church family and extend that love into the community.

"Do work for others while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, that's what it's all about."

McCann couldn't be happier to have the help.

"It's going to make it look much prettier, and I won't have to scrape paint off the ground like I've been doing and I know the animals aren't going to eat it," said McCann.

That crew is working all week long to finish installing the vinyl siding at McCann's home. There are 34 sites total doing good deeds throughout our viewing area.