FAA: Lynchburg's Airport Control Tower Will Close

Lynchburg, VA - The Manager of the Lynchburg Regional Airport says he's looking at all options to keep the airport's control tower open.

The FAA announced Friday, due to sequestration cuts, the tower will close come April seventh. Along with 148 other towers, nationwide.

Airport Manager, Mark Courtney, says the tower closure could impact their operation.

Saying it could cause flight delays, or deter another airline provider from beginning service in the Hill City.

But he says more importantly this will put un-needed stress on other regional air towers.

"The rest of the FAA programs are getting cut 5-8%, Administrative people are still going to work in Washington, but yet they can't keep an air traffic control tower open, or even just cut it by 5-8%? It just doesn't make any sense" said Courtney.

He says he's contacted congressional representatives to look for a long term funding solution that would keep the tower open.