FAA Delays Control Tower Closures, Including Lynchburg

Washington, DC - A brief reprieve for the Lynchburg Regional Airport Friday.

The FAA announced Friday afternoon that the 149 control towers slated to close next month will now remain open until June. Lynchburg is on that list.

The control tower in Lynchburg was scheduled to close on May 5th. Now it will be delayed until June 15th.

The Obama administration is delaying the closures in order to deal with legal challenges. Trade groups representing companies that operate the towers filed a lawsuit in federal court Thursday.

Airport director Mark Courtney was scheduled to meet with the Virginia Aviation board next week, asking for grant money to keep the tower open temporarily.

We spoke with Courtney Friday afternoon.

He says he's pleased the FAA is acknowledging that the airports need more time to implement the closure plan.

Courtney says he does not however see this as a resolution, and he will continue to work to find a way to keep the tower open, at least temporarily, while continuing to pursue a permanent solution to keep the tower open under a contract program.

We'll keep you updated on the latest developments.