Extra Officers Out For Start Of Labor Day Weekend

Lynchburg, VA - It's expected to be another busy Labor Day weekend.If you're in town this weekend, you won't be the only ones on the road. Local, county and state police say they'll be out in full force trying to keep the roads safe. Last year alone, state police say they stopped more than 11,000 speeders, more than 300 motorists who failed to properly secure their kids and 120 drunk drivers.But it goes beyond the numbers, Lynchburg police and Campbell County sheriff's both say they are worried about distracted drivers. Not just texting or talking on the phone, but those who are daydreaming and not paying attention to the road. "People sometimes take for granted from point A to point B, they think about everything else they've got going on in their life at the time and they don't pay attention to the simple things, like driving down the road," said Lt. Thomas Fairchild of Campbell County Sheriff's Office. "So we ask people to obey the speed limits, absolutely buckle your seat belt and respect other motorists."State Police also say to remember the Move Over law. If you see a disabled vehicle or police car on the shoulder, make sure move over to the next lane.