Experts Give Tips On Driving During Storms

Danville, VA - Thousands of Americans die each year in weather related wrecks, according to the Federal Highway Administration. With bad weather coming our way, we have some tips to make sure you are safe on the roads.The best thing to do during bad weather is to stay home, but if you have to hit the roads, make sure you take the experts' advice and drive carefully.As bad weather rushes to our area, tow truck driver James Tucker hurries to get ready. That's because he says he'll respond to twice as many car accidents during bad storms."Most of the time it's accidents because the road is wet," said Tucker. In Tucker's 45 years behind the wheel of a tow truck, he's seen many bad accidents. Before you become Tucker's next call, owner of Safe Driving School of the Piedmont Ricky Fugate has some tips."The book always calls for when it is wet, damp, foggy, rainy, anything to back off and put more distance between you and the car in front of you," said Fugate. Fugate says most importantly slow down. Even if the rain has stopped, wet roads mean slick roads."The speed limit is in ideal conditions. This is not ideal," said Fugate. Fugate also suggests to not drive through standing water."Two inches of water will cause your car to hydroplane. If you have to drive through it and can't go around it, slow down...[and] turn your headlights on. The law says if your wipers are on your headlights need to be on. That's number one," said Fugate. Tucker hopes no one will get hurt during this storm but if there's a wreck, he says he'll be ready.Also, when the road conditions are bad, it is important to pay extra attention to the road. So put down your cell phone and be careful.