Expert Panel Hosts Centra Anti-Bullying Discussion

Lynchburg, VA - An attempt to end bullying, an all too common problem across this country, took place at Lynchburg General Hospital Monday night.

After a screening of the movie, "Bully," mental health experts from local schools and hospitals spoke to parents, teachers, and other members of the public, hoping to shed some light on the growing problem.

The discussion, hosted by Centra, came weeks after a 12-year-old Florida girl jumped to her death after police say she was bullied by classmates on the internet.

The experts wanted those who attended to walk away with the tools to prevent anything like that little girl's suicide from ever happening again.

"At least 50% of the kids we have in the country will be bullied at some point in their lives. So it is becoming more commonplace, it's becoming more commonplace than divorce" said Chad Steele, a Centra Mental Health employee.

According to national reports, one out of every ten students that drops out of school does so because of bullying.