Experienced Team Makes Up New Prototype: Tourism

Forest, VA - Four women are bringing decades of tourism promotion experience to a new tourism consulting and marketing agency.

Beckie Nix, Denise Jackson, Courtney Hunter, and Melanie Letterman make up the new Prototype: Tourism.

The team previously worked for the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, until the city and chamber couldn't reach an agreement to renew the tourism contract. {}The women turned down jobs with the city.

Prototype, located in Forest, already had national and international tourism clients. This allows the company to better meet clients' needs.

"It creates a really unique agency that offers full services under one roof," said Prototype: Tourism President Beckie Nix. "It's really something unique for the industry."

"Now we have an extraordinarily talented team," said Prototype Vice President of Marketing Strategy Catherine Varner. "They're bringing the full breadth of services."

Nix says they all had job offers or interviews when she was approached by Prototype about the new endeavor.