Expect Road Delays Ahead of Lockn' Festival

Arrington, VA - If your plans will take you through Nelson County next week, the Lockn' Festival could mean a huge delay.

Organizers expect 25,000 people at the four-day music festival.

The Virginia Department of Transportation says most of the traffic congestion will be on Route 29. Traffic will be restricted to one lane between Tye River Road and Oak Ridge Road. VDOT says you can also expect temporary road closures on secondary streets.

But organizers say they're ready for whatever comes their way.

It's more than a week before the big show, but Jeremy Morris already has his tent pitched and a Pabst Blue Ribbon in hand.

"Going from gig to gig building stuff, having a lot of fun, drinking beer, working with all my buddies," Morris said, surrounded by a handful of friends.

The crowd is about to get much bigger, if the number of port-a-johns is any indication. We counted 400 lined up in one area alone.

There will be roughly 200 law enforcement officers on hand from state police, ABC agents and Nelson County deputies.

But it isn't security that's on everyone's minds.

"Worried about traffic, that's it," Morris said.

"It's gonna be a tremendous amount of traffic coming in and out of here for the next week," added Nelson County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Billy Mays.

The worst congestion is expected Wednesday evening through Mid-day Monday, especially along the route 29 corridor.

The festival's director says there's no need to worry though, because they have experience on their hands.

"We know it's a new festival in this area, but the majority of the people who work it probably do five to eight of these shows a year," said Nigel James.

If you want to avoid the traffic altogether, VDOT recommends using Route 151 as an alternate.

Nelson County public schools will be closed September 5 and 6, just to avoid this traffic nightmare.