Executive Director Of CASA Heartbroken Over Craft Fundraiser

Lynchburg, VA - The Executive Director of CASA said she's heartbroken after hearing the news that Jonathan Craft has been charged with obtaining money by false pretense; a felony.Craft, police said, lied about giving $1,300 to various organizations. Money he raised at a fundraiser in honor of his 13 month old daughter, Veralee Craft who was killed at the hands of her mother's boyfriend in 2012.Craft had originally said that he gave $1,000 to an organization, Child Help, because of a dispute he had with CASA. Child Help said though they have no record of any such donation.While working on this story last week, Craft texted ABC 13 News Reporter, Dave Tate telling him some of the money he had raised at the event went to his own efforts.The Executive Director of CASA, the organization originally supposed to receive the money, had this to say: "At CASA we are focused on being a "voice" for children who are abused and neglected; to provide for every child. We rely on fundraising for the majority of our costs. This incident caused an unusual set of circumstances and we plan to create policies to eliminate the possibility of this ever happening again. It is disappointing that someone would use our organization and their daughter's tragic story for their personal gain. Unfortunately, anyone can plan an event and say the money is going to charity. The best way to support your favorite nonprofit and to be 100% sure the money is going directly to that nonprofit is to mail them a check, donate on their website, or attend an event that is hosted by the nonprofit."
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