Exclusive Video: Inside Christopher Speight's Confession

Appomattox, VA - For the first time, we're hearing an Appomattox County man describe in his own words how he murdered eight people and damaged a state police helicopter more than three years ago.

Christopher Speight told investigators in a videotaped confession, he wanted to be executed by firing squad and that voices inside his head motivated him to kill.

Immediately after surrendering to authorities on January 20, 2010, Christopher Speight sat down with two investigators to confess to the killings.

Speight seemed composed and matter-of-fact in the two hour interview as he describes in chilling detail the motive for the murders.

"I mean when somebody can read your thoughts, they can do stuff to your heart man, that I'm gonna tell you will horrify you beyond your imagination," Speight told Investigator Donnie Simpson with the Appomattox County Sheriff's Office.

The 39-year-old told investigators that an Egyptian princess named Jennifer told him to kill his sister, brother-in-law and four-year-old nephew because they were "possessed by demons."

But, when Simpson asked Speight why he killed five more people, an even darker side of humanity becomes very real.

"You didn't want anybody to help them. That's what you're saying," Simpson asked Speight, inside the Appomattox County Sheriff's Office.

"Yes, anybody that's connected to that is unclean and should be slaughtered," Speight replied.

"They're supposed to be picked by the birds. They're unclean," he added.

Contrary to some theories, the former security guard says he had a good relationship with his sister and brother-in-law.

And that it was spiritual warfare instead of greed that caused him to booby trap the family's property with explosive devices.

But when investigators press him about the multimillion dollar police helicopter he shot down, we see Speight appear agitated for the first time.

"You're looking to see if I have pain in me, that I shot that damn helicopter. Right now does that -- yeah, yeah, that pains me. But, you know what? Those people laying out there, that really [expletive] pains me!"

The man responsible for the largest shooting spree in the county's history even bragged about how many more people he could have taken out with a gun battle. And while he surrendered to authorities, claiming his execution would give the community closure, it wasn't his choice in the end.

"What would the community get more out of, a last stand? They get to shoot the bad guy?" Speight asked investigators.

"I don't know, I think they like court trials...So, they can look at the bad guy. Yeah, he's dead. Maybe that'll give them a little more closure," Speight added.

You may remember, Christopher Speight was sentenced last month to spend the rest of his life in prison without parole. He also told investigators he had a psychiatric evaluation about a year before the murders, but never went back for a follow-up.

He said if he had, maybe none of this would have happened.