Exclusive Source Tells ABC 13 He Found Tire Tracks on His Property, Authorities to Search Area

Nelson Co., VA - The search for Alexis Murphy, 17, continues. Murphy disappeared nearly three weeks ago in Nelson County, and investigators have been combing the area in search of her.

In exclusive footage obtained by ABC 13, what appears to be a truck tire track is visible on an area of land. A local land owner noticed the track on his property, and alerted authorities.

At the request of the Sheriff's Office, ABC 13 is not giving out the specific location of the piece of land, and we are not going reveal the identity of the land owner.

Still, the land owner did grant us supervised access to the property Monday.

The land owner says he saw a story on our newscast where we interviewed a man who claims he saw suspect Randy Taylor's truck at J & K store the Monday after Alexis went missing.

After our source saw the interview and realized his property is not far from the store, he began searching his property and that is when he noticed some truck tire tracks that didn't belong.

Shortly after the discovery, he notified the authorities and the Sheriff's Office confirms they did come out and make a cast mold of the track for further review.

The road is very steep and very rocky and is only supposed to be used by four wheelers, but the land owner says the tracks didn't appear to come from a four wheeler at all.

"The tracks go to the top of the mountain turn around and go back down. It's a full sized truck because I did the measurements between the wheels and it's a full sized vehicle," the land owner told ABC 13.

It's important to note that the Sheriff's department has not been able to say at this point if that tire track matches Randy Taylor's truck.

The Sheriff's Department does tell ABC 13 that they plan to search the property at some point, but there is no word on when that may be.

Just to be clear, ABC 13 was not on any land without the property owner and not in any area that could have potential evidence.

Stay with ABC 13 for further developments in this continuing story.