Excitement Builds Among Ryan Supporters

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg is set to come under the national spotlight Tuesday. Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan will be rallying for your voice your vote. And supporters say they could not be more excited.

Some volunteers said this is the most important election of their generation. And for Republicans here in Lynchburg, a visit from Paul Ryan cannot and will not be passed up.

Preparations began early. Hours before the event, a crowd of volunteers underwent their de-briefing at the site of Paul Ryan's rally.

"I've never seen so much energy during an election, and I'm just excited to be a part of it," said Doris Smith, a Republican Volunteer.

"This is an opportunity for us, where we get to see the candidate up close, and hear him, not see him on TV. It's exciting," said H. Cary.

Long time Lynchburg Republicans, like city Councilman H. Cary, feel energized by the Romney, Ryan ticket; Enthusiastic to see them here, in his home town.

"Little old Lynchburg is not little old Lynchburg. We're in a swing state, and no city or town in a swing state, is insignificant," said Cary.

The venue, at Automated Conveyor Systems; A homegrown thriving business, set to be the backdrop of Ryan's rally, where he undoubtedly will reference the economy, something supporters say they can't wait to hear.

"Jobs, jobs; this nation is dying for jobs," said Republican volunteer, Rhonnie Smith.

"Most people say, oh, Lynchburg is so small. But Lynchburg is filled with people with excitement," said Doris Smith.

If you have a ticket to the rally, gates open at 9a.m. If not, Ryan's speech will be streamed live on our website.