Evington Woman Pleads for Return of Stolen Coin Collection

Evington, VA - A Campbell County woman says a burglary suspect took more than her sense of security, and there's one item she can't replace.

Investigators say Kevin Burchardt of Amherst is suspected of breaking into Sandy Hall's home on November 8, 2012.

Every time Sandy Hall gets to her driveway, she gets a pit deep down in her stomach. It's been two months since her home in Evington was broken into, but every time she drives up, she's still worried about what she'll find.

"I slept in the living room recliner that night. I could not go back in my bedroom," Hall said of the night of the break-in.

Just reading the list of items that are still missing brings her to tears. Among them, a coin collection passed down by her late father.

But if it wasn't for a Christmas tree, the Halls may not have gotten any of their stuff back. Investigators found the their name and address, still taped to the package, in Kevin Burchardt's shed.

The Hall's pocket watches and a digital camera have also been returned.

Investigator Cliff Wood says based on all the jewelry, guns and valuables they've recovered, this may be the largest theft case of his career.

"It's like peeling away the layers of an onion and the closer we get to the center, the worse it gets," Hall said of the investigation that continues to expand.

She just hopes anyone who bought items from the suspect will consider people like her.

The Campbell County Sheriff's Office is still asking anyone who bought something from Burchardt at the County Line Flea Market on Route 460, to call them. They say you won't be in any trouble. You can call Crimestoppers at 1-888-798-5900.