Evergreen Fights to Save Post Office

Reporter: Rachel Schaerr l Videographer: Brian Whitesell

Evergreen, VA - A small community in Appomattox County is trying to save its post office. One month ago, Evergreen residents learned their's was on the chopping block. They say if it goes, a part of the town's history will go with it.

For the last 157 years, a post office has served the town of Evergreen. In 1914, Donald Hamilton's grandfather was appointed postmaster.

"There were probably four trains that received mail by the hanging of a bag on a metal crane," he said.

His father took over 30 years later. Last month, Hamilton learned Evergreen's Post Office was one of hundreds in rural communities, that could close.

"I really think it's a part of the culture upon which this whole nation was founded upon. It's small communities like Evergreen, Virginia that represent the backbone of this nation.," Hamilton said.

There are just 80 P.O. boxes in Evergreen, revenue is the lowest it's been in two years, and the closest post office, in Pamplin, is less than seven miles away. But for residents, those reasons don't matter.

"This change involves more than physical economy. It involves culture, it involves community dynamics, things which are intangible but very, very important to the community," Hamilton said.

Another resident, Johnny Randon, agrees.

"It's very important, especially since it's 157 years old," he said. "I think we need to keep it here, so we can have some identity."

And that identity, won't go without a fight.

"If they make the decision to close and all appeals are exhausted then, obviously, we have to concede. But, in our hearts, we will still be a community," Hamilton said.