ESPN Analyst, Former VT Coach Greenberg Speaks in Hill City

Lynchburg - Former Virginia Tech head coach and now ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg spoke to a coaches clinic Tuesday morning during Virginia High School Coaches Association All-Star Week at Liberty University in Lynchburg.After guiding the Hokies for nine seasons until April of 2012, Greenberg has worked in broadcasting the past two years. Greenberg says if he's not coaching, he has a great platform at ESPN to coach the fans and viewers. He jokes he's undefefeated the past two seasons, but admits he misses coaching.Seth Greenberg, ESPN BASKETBALL ANALYST, said "You miss the competition, there's no doubt about it. You miss affecting lives, you know, the impact you have on a young person, kind of helping them get somewhere they can't get themselves. Having them kind of realize a dream, whether it's in basketball or just earning a degree."Dennis - "Do you think we'll see you back coaching again?"Greenberg - "It would have to be a very unique situation. You know what happened was really hard on my family, I'm not sure I'd want to risk putting them through that again. And I've got a great job."
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