EPA Gives Updates on Coal Ash Spill at Public Meeting in Eden, N.C.

Eden, NC-- As environmental agencies continue to respond to Duke Energy's 82,000 ton coal ash spill into the Dan River, they're also keeping the public informed along the way.

The EPA held their second public forum today addressing the spill in Eden, North Carolina. Several government agencies were there, and so was Duke Energy.
The EPA gave a timeline of emergency response efforts since the spill on February 3. They said there's ongoing water sampling, and work has begun to fill the second failed pipe. Environmental agencies are evaluating the river quality, and assessing potential long-term health and environmental effects.
Several people wanted a date for when the coal ash is going to be removed from the river.The EPA said they're in the process of planning how they'll remove it.
"Hopefully all power companies will start removing these coal ash ponds and putting them in lined containment areas, so all our water will be protected. That's thing life that's supposed to be provided is clean air and clean water," said Deborah Dix, a Danville resident.
The EPA will be holding another public meeting in South Boston on Thursday at the Washington Coleman Community Center at 6:30 p.m.