Entrepreneurship: Region 2000's Next Big Focus

Lynchburg, VA - Region 2000 officials say its next major strategy for our area's economy is to create a better environment for people to start up new businesses.

Wednesday at Central Virginia Community College, a consultant hired by Region 2000 to study entrepreneurship in the region revealed his findings.

Erik Pages spent the past year interviewing people in the community and analyzing data. He says the Lynchburg-area economy is pretty strong. When it comes to starting up new businesses, Pages says we've already cleared the first hurdle.

"More people start businesses here as proportion to the population than in other parts of the U.S. But the problem you have, and this is a problem in other communities, is that the businesses start small and stay small," said Pages with Entreworks Consulting.

"It's there. It's already in our DNA in this region. What we're going to try to do is to be supportive of that, enhance that, certainly not get in the way of that," said Region 2000 Executive Director Bryan David.

Their first step in this strategy is the "Entrepreneurship Initiative for Higher Education." Region 2000 says the area's six colleges are all on board.