Weekend Fundraiser for Family Hit with Epilepsy

Campbell Co., VA - All most parents hope for is the safety and health of their children. But one Lynchburg family recently received a devastating diagnosis. Both of their children have a serious, incurable brain disorder.

Wil and Melissa Dorsett have two boys. One is nine and the other is four. The youngest had his first seizure a month ago. Their other son has been struggling with it for{}four years. Now, friends of the family are rallying around them to show their support.

"It was a Friday night, sitting at home on the couch and my wife noticed his hand starting to draw up,"{}said Wil.

Nine-year-old Drayke and four-year-old Deagyn each had their first seizure around age four.

"He sounded like he was choking," said Wil.

Seizures can happen anytime. Drayke often has them at school.

"The kids have asked him, 'What's wrong with you?' He'll say, 'My brain doesn't work the right way sometimes,'" said Wil.

Drayke cried when he found out that little brother Diegan had epilepsy too.

"In a way, I think he felt like he gave it to him, kind of like a cold, but I had to explained to him that if anyone gave it to him, Daddy did. You know it's genetic,"{}said Wil.

Wil's mother has epilepsy. But it wasn't passed onto Wil or any of his siblings or their children; just Wil's two kids.

"All you can think of at that point is, 'Not again' and 'why us?' But there is a plan and a greater good I guess, and you have to put your faith there and trust it," said Wil.

News of the second diagnosis has sparked support from friends.

"We wanted to do something in any way that we could," said Troy Champney, Wil's friend.

Troy Champney and Tommy Richardson started planning a fundraiser at the gym, The Edge. It's going to have activities for the kids, a raffle, a Harley Davidson simulator and more.

"It's good sometimes. I feel like to get a chance to get together to show that they're not alone in this. We are all here," said Champney.

The event is coming up very soon, this Saturday from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. It's at The Edge on Timberlake Road near Big Lots.

The Dorsett's pay for an array of medications and visits to UVA. All donations will go to help their medical expenses.

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