Employees Hope $250,000 Lottery Winner Will Come Forward

Danville, VA - Folks in Danville should check their pockets: A winning lottery ticket for $250,000 is still unclaimed!

The ticket was sold at the Fas Mart on Route 58 across from Danville Regional Airport.

The drawing to announce the winner was held in September, but no one has come forward in almost six months.

Employees at the Fas Mart say it's exciting to have a big ticket winner and they hope someone claims it soon.

"I'd really like to know who it is, but it's very exciting, especially considering that most of our tickets...most of the tickets, the big tickets are up north, " said Fas Mart employee Amanda Campbell.

Those numbers again were 5-11-20-33-36 and the Mega Ball 11.

If no one claims the prize by March 11, the money will go to the state literary fund.