Employees at Fifth St. Businesses Happy Part of the Road Is Back Open

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Officials opened up Fifth Street to two-way traffic from Federal Street to Court Street.

The road is still closed at Church street to all northbound traffic.

Nathan Ritz works at Speakertree Records off Fifth Street in Lynchburg. Since its opening in 2008, the music store and concert venue has had to deal with the city's Fifth Street corridor construction.

"It's a little ridiculous how long it's been taking, and it's definitely been hurting on the businesses," said Ritz.

That's because crews had been doing underground work right in front of the store, closing lanes and setting up detours.

But they were happy to hear that a section of the road is back open.

"I was super excited and we did a little Facebook post about it and got a ton of likes, and it's overall just a positive thing," said Ritz.

While businesses are celebrating, some downtown residents are still frustrated.

"Can't remember last time it was open," said Jane Parrish, a Lynchburg residents.

The street is still closed at Church Street to all northbound traffic. But they admit, this is definitely an improvement.

"I could actually cut across earlier to get on Fifth Street than I could before, so that is a help. But, I'll be glad when it's finished," said Parrish.

City officials say they still need to pave the road, so they'll probably have to close those lanes from time to time to get that done.