Employee Says Danville DAV Thrift Store Closed Due Money Problems

Danville, VA-- A nationwide store that financially helps the men and women who served our country, no longer has a branch in Danville.

The Disabled American Veterans Thrift Store closed in mid-June and it has folks in the community wondering why.

A employee who worked there for thirteen years said the building has been in bad condition for years. When new management took over the DAV Thrift Store earlier this year, they wanted to move the store to a new location. However, she said due to money problems, they decided to close it instead.

"We had some customers come in three time a day,"said Sumanah Coleman, a former employee at the Danville DAV Thrift Store. "On their way to work, on their lunch hour and when they go home in the evening, so it was an everyday thing. It was just like family. I know the people in Danville miss it, they do."

Now, the closest DAV Thrift Store for Danville customers is in Lynchburg.

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