Emotional Ceremony Honors Veterans at National D-Day Memorial

Bedford, VA - The National D-Day Memorial hosted its annual Veterans Day Program Monday, and a couple of hundred people came out to honor veterans around the nation.

The consensus among people at the memorial is that the event was filled with emotion.

Service members and veterans tell me it made them proud to be an American.

"When they played the Marine Corps hymn, that was very emotional because of all the memories that go along with that song," said Sgt. Dan Villarial, a Marine Corps veteran.

"It's good to have the recognition of the veterans," said Staff Sgt. John Kirby, veteran of US Air Force.

"All the veterans who came here today are thankful there are people who still care," said Charles Reed.

But one area of concern for some veterans is the youth of America.

"I think today a lot of our younger generation really doesn't know," said Kirby.

That certainly was not the case for 9-year-old Dwight Luke and his family.

"We came here to see the service here and say hi to some of the veterans," said Luke. "We think that veterans are very special and they're really awesome."

Luke is not your typical 9 year old.

"We should make Veterans Day a special part of every year."

Unlike many kids, he gets it.

"Serving us. Protecting our country so we can live here."

And one day it will be his turn. Luke says when he is eligible, he's enlisting to serve his country.

"In the Air Force," he said.

Veteran Kirby summed it up best. He says seeing kids like Luke gives veterans hope for the future.

"It means freedom," said Kirby.

Many of the veterans say they have been to at least a dozen of these events and will continue to come as long as they are able.