Elmwood Park Renovations Close Bullet Ave., Main Library

Roanoke, VA - As progress continues on Roanoke's amphitheater - construction has moved into a new phase that could cause some short and long term confusion for those coming to that part of town.

Bullet Avenue, adjacent to the Main Library, is now closed - while crews get ready to turn it into an artists' walkway.

"We have quite a bit of utility work to do beneath the, under the street, with the storm drain system, a very fine paving system and some rain gardens that go in here along Bullet Avenue that will help clean storm water," said Roanoke City Engineer, Phil Shermer.

The changes on Bullet Avenue mean 22 parking spaces were taken as well.

Not gone forever, the 22 spots actually increased.

"We identified 30 spaces, on the street, within about 500 feet. So I don't think folks will see a difference in the availability of parking. It's not, maybe, where they thought it was... but it's down here. 30 new spaces," said Shermer.

The timing of Bullet's closure matched the need to close the library as well - for a few days.

"Today I actually came to use the internet. So... I'm kind of bummed out but it's fine."

Leaving people like Connon Froelicher with fewer options to get online.

"Came down here and saw the note on the door and it said they were closed today until Thursday and I said, "Dang...". The library closes... there's not much you can do about it," said Froelicher.

The culprit - utilities that needed to be moved around.

Big changes to the epicenter of Roanoke's festival activities -- that are now starting to take permanent shape.

This all means the summer festival schedule will not be the same this year.

Festival in the Park has been moved to Jefferson Avenue and "Party in the Park" has been moved to the Daleville Performance Pavilion, for example.

With more than a dozen festivals scheduled, make sure you check the new locations.