Elmwood Park Renovation in Roanoke in Full Swing

Roanoke, VA - Next time you go to Roanoke's Elmwood Park, you may not recognize it at all. After years of talking about it, renovations of the downtown park are now in full swing.

In the two short weeks since the renovation began, they have moved a lot of dirt.

The amphitheater, all of the concrete sidewalks and sitting areas, the dancing area are all gone. Even the magnolia walk is under construction.

Planned for the spot is a new 4,500 seat amphitheater, pedestrian walks punctuated by art as well as plenty of green space.

"We finally got down to something we could deal with within our budget. So we're real excited to get started with it. It's about a ten month construction schedule. We're scheduled to finish at the end of August next year. we hope to finish a little earlier...maybe get it open for mid summer," said Roanoke City Engineer Phil Shermer.

The project best bid came in about $1 million more than what the city was budgeting for at just over $6 million.

An additional $400,000 will also be put into upgrading Williamson Road along the backside of the soon-to-come amphitheater.