Elmo Independence Day Parade Draws Crowd From All Over Halifax County

South Boston, VA-- The small community of Elmo in South Boston saw a bigger crowd than it's used to on Friday. People flocked from Halifax County to Elmo's third annual 4th of July parade.

It was a tradition for many of them to attend Scottsburg's Fourth of July celebration, but since it was canceled this year, many said now it's time to start a new tradition.

The crowd lined the street preparing for quite a show.

"Parades are the main thing for the Fourth of July, so it should be fun," said Elliot Purdue, a parade spectator.

The community of Elmo started their parade just three years ago with a few people driving from a local farm to a grocery store. Now two years later it has blossomed into something much bigger.

"We expect vintage cars, we expect motorcycles, horses, we have a fire truck, we've got an ambulance coming and those are the things we know are coming," said Denise Hudson, the parade organizer.

They got many more participants and spectators.

"I had to bring my old farm tractor and I'm going to have my grand babies riding on the back and so we're going to participate this year," said Donald Barts, who participated in the parade.

Excitement for the parade spread over to the other side of Halifax County in the Scottsburg area. The Scottsburg Fire Department canceled their Fourth of July celebration for the first time in 30 years for financial reasons.

Folks say they had to keep some sort of Independence Day tradition going, so they headed over to Elmo.

"Since Scottsburg wasn't doing there's this year we decided to come up here," said Candice Hatcher, a parade spectator.

"I think it's nice. I like the setting up here," said Jink Overbey, who came from Virgilina to see the parade.

"Halifax County is a patriotic county. We like to get together and we like to have fun and so I think people like an old fashioned parade and that's what this is. It's an old fashioned fun parade," said Hudson.

Organizers said even if Scottsburg decides to start their Fourth of July celebration again, Elmo's parade will still go on. They hope to make it a long standing tradition in the community.