Elks Lodge Members Clear the Air on Smoky Smell

Lynchburg, VA - Voters in Lynchburg have raised a stink about the smell of smoke in the city's Elks Lodge; but now, the organization's more than 300 members are clearing the air.

The city's electoral board has been trying to have a polling place moved from the lodge to a nearby church, because of complaints from voters that the lodge smells of cigarettes.

But members say that's not entirely fair.

They blame it all on bad timing. On Monday nights, the lodge is filled with people playing bingo.

It's one of the only nights when the lodge allows for smoking.

"If they were voting on Thursday morning or Wednesday morning, there wouldn't be any noticeable odors" said Elks Lodge member, Carol Viscusi.

Members say the seven hours between bingo and Election Day is just not enough time to clear the smell.