Election Day Info for Lynchburg City Council At-Large Members May 6

Lynchburg, VA - Tuesday, May 6 is Election Day for Lynchburg City Council At-Large Members, and the Registrar's Office is reminding voters of identification requirements and polling places. Voter Identification Requirements:Virginia law requires registered voters to have identification when they go to the polls to vote, and any one of several forms of identification is allowed. Acceptable forms of identification include the following: Virginia voter identification card; valid Virginia driver's license; military ID; any Federal, Virginia state or local government-issued ID; employer issued photo ID card; concealed handgun permit; valid student ID issued by any institution of higher education located in the Commonwealth of Virginia; Current utility bill, bank statement, government check or paycheck indicating the name and address of the voter; Social Security card. (NOTE: The social security card does not satisfy special federal ID requirements for some first time voters.) A voter who does not bring one of these IDs to the polls will be offered a provisional ballot.The new Voter ID law requiring a photo ID does not go into effect until July 1, 2014. For more detailed information on in-person voting, visit ({<}{>}) or call the Lynchburg Registrar's Office at 847-1609. Polling Place Reminders: SOL testing is taking place in Lynchburg's elementary schools on Tuesday, May 6. Voters should be aware of the need for quiet at the schools used as polling places and conduct their voting so as to create as little distraction as possible. At Bedford Hills Elementary School, voters will be required use the entrance nearest the cafeteria so there will be less foot traffic through the testing areas. As always, curbside voting will be available at all polling locations for voters unable to go inside to vote. All the polling places have handicapped accessible parking spaces or areas marked out for curbside voting - just park in one of these places. The person accompanying the voter should take the voter's identification (voter card or one of the other acceptable forms of identification) into the poll and ask to speak to the Chief Election Officer. This Officer will take care of bringing a ballot out to the voter in a secure folder. The voter will mark the ballot in the normal manner and place it back into the secure folder. The Chief Election Officer will take the ballot in its folder back inside the poll and immediately deposit it in the ballot box. Lynchburg Public Library Polling Location: The Lynchburg Public Library, 2315 Memorial Avenue, is the polling location for Ward III, Precinct 1. Due to pending construction on the Lakeside Drive side of the building, the parking lot on that side of the Library has limited availability; however, there will be several parking spaces available with reserved spaces for handicapped parking/curbside voting. All other parking areas are located in the front parking lot of the Library. People coming to the Library to vote will need to walk along the construction fence to obtain access to the Community Meeting Room. During Library hours on Election Day, Tuesday, May 6, (9:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.), the polling place may also be accessed from inside the Library. For more information, contact the Registrar's Office at 847-1609.
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