Elderly Couples in Roanoke Co. Renew Vows on Valentine's Day

Roanoke Co., VA - Many spent some extra time and money letting the one you love know just how much you care on Valentine's Day.

At Elm Park Estates, in Roanoke County, you could pick any one of them: A dozen couples, all friends; all neighbors and all in love for a very long time. But Eddie and Ivie Ellis have been married the longest.

"If I'm not mistaken. We've been married 65 years and she has 65 anniversary cards and 65 birthday cards," said Eddie Ellis.

Now into their Golden Years, the Ellis's have nothing but time and each other making this day, Valentine's Day, the perfect day to once again say, "I do."

"After this I think we will think more about it. Bring it more out to light that has been there all the time," said Ivie Ellis.

However, in a time where the new divorce rate in this country is 46%, this mass renewal of love takes on even more meaning; a glimpse into the past of how true love truly never dies.

"We've come this far and we want to go together too, if we can. But God doesn't... He has told me that yet," said Ivie.