Eight Year Old Opens Lemonade Stand For a Cause

Lynchburg, VA - Lemonade stands are a popular way to raise a little extra change during the dog days of summer, but one little boy took the opportunity to squeeze some kindness into the world this Independence Day.{} Eight year old Jackson Gulley opened up a lemonade stand in his Rivermont neighborhood Friday afternoon with the help of his parents, Matt and Margaret Gulley. {}However, Jackson wasn't planning on keeping any of the money for himself. Instead, all proceeds are going to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.{} Neighbors stopped by for freshly squeezed lemonade and donated money to the cause. Jackson said that customers were largely generous, for the most part. "I want to help kids with juvenile diabetes," he said. His father, Matt, said, "lemonade stands are a great way to involve children in charity work at an early age,"{} Gulley said.At last count, Jackson had raised $103 and plans are on to open for business Saturday, during his neighborhood's parade, off of Hastings Court.{}