Edmunds Brothers Training Together in Danville

Danville - Dan River's Edmunds brothers have been busy training in Danville getting ready for upcoming football seasons. They've been working two days a week on biometrics, cardio and weight training with personal trainer Ken Jones, owner of Urban Fitness Gym. Tremaine Edmunds is a rising senior at Dan River. Terrell graduated from Dan River this year and is headed to Virginia Tech, where he'll join older brother Trey, who is coming back from a broken leg suffered in November. Trey Edmunds, HOKIES R-SOPH. TAILBACK, said "I'm just pretty much trying to focus on getting back in the football mode, training my body back to doing football stuff, football drills, running 40s, running quick starts, stopping and starting, lateral motion."Tremaine Edmunds, DAN RIVER RISING SENIOR, said "As I'm training, I know it's gonna hurt. But as my parents and brothers and everybody else tells me, it's going to help me out in the long run. It's gonna get me to where I want to be living."