Economic Development Authority in the Works

Roanoke, VA - Localities around the Roanoke Valley are looking to create an economic authority to help further communities in the area.

The ground work is just being laid for the Western Virginia Economic Development Authority.

Leaders in Roanoke County had the first reading of this proposal at Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting.

Officials leading the charge expect the authority to be official by the end of October.

"If you are willing to share the costs with me then I am willing to share the income with you. That's a good scenario that works. And then everybody, the whole region, furnishes into the labor pool. So everyone is going to have a benefit from that," said Mike Altizer with the Roanoke Co. Board of Supervisors.

All of the Roanoke Valley governments, including Franklin and Botetourt Counties, have signed on.Montgomery County is also considering joining.