Economic Benefits of Christmas for Danville Stores

Danville, VA -- The day before Christmas is a busy day for a lot of people, but some local stores look forward to Christmas Eve all year round. That's because days like Tuesday help make their profits for the year.

For local stores, this really is the most wonderful time of the year.

"It's hectic. It is wild, everybody is running in wanting this and that and the other," said Janice Johnson, who works at Midtown Market.

At Midtown Market, customers line up to check off their last minute grocery list.

"Everything. Turkey, ham, fruit tray, meat tray, you name it," said Johnson.

In fact, Johnson has been working at Midtown for years and says their busiest time is the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas. She says small stores like this depend on big shopping days like today.

"It keeps businesses going when they are like this," said Johnson.

Hall's Pastry Shop also knows the importance of Christmas Eve .

"It's good, it's good for business. You have your low points and your high points during the year. And Christmas is you have to make it at Christmas to make it through the slack time at the beginning of the year," said Michael Hall, owner of Hall's Pastry Shop.

And they are ready, they spent days in advance baking, packaging, and now selling.

"We work 15 to 16 hours a day that's been all week long...just to bake and get ready," said Hall.

But they say it's worth it, they sell 60 percent more today than other days of the year.

"This is the best time. Lot of customers," said Hall.

Hall's Pastry Shop tells us they donate what they don't sell to charity, so they can spread the Christmas cheer. Meanwhile, both Midtown Market and Hall's Pastry Shop are closed on Christmas. But they say Monday's sales more than make up for a day or more off.