E.C. Glass Track & Field - ABC 13 Team of the Week

Lynchburg - Today's ABC 13 high school Team of the Week is E.C. Glass girls and boys track and field. The Hilltopper teams swept Conference 24 championships Sunday. The Hilltopper girls and boys combined for 20 first-place finishes. The boys won the title 243 points to 60 for runner-up Salem, the girls won big 193-101 over Fleming. The Region championship meet is this Saturday at Liberty U.

Shauntell Johnson, 300,500-METER CONFERENCE CHAMP, said "Well we have a saying here. We say EGT, Expect Great Things. So when we get on the track, it's either go hard or go home."

Re'Quan Harley, HIGH JUMP, LONG JUMP CONFERENCE CHAMP, said "I think we might score more points than we did at conference just because it's a harder, it's harder teams, so therefore we push harder so we can accomplish our goals."

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