E.C. Glass Students Prepare for Theater Production

Lynchburg, VA - E.C. Glass Theatre held a dress rehearsal Monday night, but one well-known character was missing.

Director Jim Ackley retired last year after 32 years as drama director. Monday night, a new director took the helm.

Tom Harris, along with J.D. Stallings, have taught in the school's drama department. The show is "The Fox on the Fairway." It's a fast-paced comedy that tells the story of a rival tournament between two golf clubs.

The plot has mistaken identities, even a romance. Monday Night was a special performance. Ackley was there watching from the audience.

"I would like him to feel proud of the program, and the hands he left it in. That he'd be honored that he stepped down and left it in capable hands, so I'm excited," said actor Francis McCauley.

Performances run Tuesday through Saturday at Glass's Alumni Studio Theatre. The curtain goes up at 7:30 p.m.