E.C. Glass Senior Surprised With Full Ride to College

Lynchburg, VA - An E.C. Glass High School senior got surprised Friday by finding out she'll get a full ride to college. Elizabeth Hayes got hand-delivered the full scholarship to Central Virginia Community College to attend its engineering program. This scholarship is for two years of tuition and books. After that's up, Elizabeth wants to transfer to UVA or Virginia Tech. She aspires to have a career in nuclear or mechanical engineering. "I knew that there was only a small amount of people applying for it and I was really hoping that I would be able to because it's such a great opportunity," Hayes said. "I just wanted to give something back to other people to move them along inside their professions," said Donor John Fees. Fees is now the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Babcock and Wilcox and has invited Elizabeth to intern there.