E.C. Glass Holds Weight Loss Competition

Number shows the total number of pounds 19 faculty and staff lost.

Lynchburg, VA - For a bunch of teachers and faculty at E.C. Glass High School, a New Years resolution came true. 28 people promised to lose a whole lot of weight. Their deadline was spring break. By the end, some bowed out, while others went all the way.

In the end, 19 people lost almost 200 pounds. But, before it started, they knew it wouldn't be easy - and it wasn't. So, they set the whole thing up as a weight loss competition, and called it their version of the popular TV show, The Biggest Loser: E.C. Glass Edition.

Instructional Assistant Rosalia B. Morris lost an entire pant leg. She proudly holds up her old pants and says, "I weighed 242 pounds. Now, I'm at 175."

Doctors diagnosed Morris with Type 2 Diabetes. She was eating chips, candy bars - all the wrong things. Not anymore.

"I feel great. I feel wonderful," said Morris.

Morris had company. Other E.C. Glass staff and faculty vowed to kick their bad habits in 2013 and start anew. Take Felicia Calloway, losing 23 pounds has changed her whole perspective on food.

"Knowing that I had to do something different has given me a whole new attitude and outlook. I'm going to keep it up. I'm not going to stop,"said Calloway.

Calloway now walks one hour a day. In fact, moving more is part of most everyone's routine. So is ditching the bad foods for the good ones. Once the weight start sliding off, Nurse Karin Truitte recorded their progress, and saw first-hand what kept some motivated.

"I realized some were really competitive," said Truitte.

The person to lose the highest percentage of their body weight, Corlett Keefer, wouldn't reveal the final figure, but this "biggest loser" is keeping herself humble.

"We're all winners. That's the way I look at it. We are all winners," said Keefer.

E.C. Glass faculty and staff said this whole competition was a big success, and is a great model for other schools or offices to motivate staff to get healthy.