E.C. Glass Chamber Singers Back from Carnegie Hall

Lynchburg, VA - The E.C. Glass Chamber Singers are back from their big trip to the Big Apple. This past Sunday the group sang on stage at the legendary Carnegie Hall - a moment in their lives they'll never forget.

They performed Faure' Requiem on a stage along with hundreds of other students.

"I just remember being back stage and seeing a poster of the Beatles and realizing, this was their first American performance," said Ryan Murphy, student.

"It didn't really hit me until everybody was like, 'Dude, we're in Carnegie Hall,'" said Bella Jackson, student.

It may be difficult for some to believe that such a young group could understand the significance of performing in a building that's more than a century old. That is, until you talk to them.

"I was just blown away as soon as we walked up onstage," said Murphy.

"It was really emotional and overwhelming, but in a really good way," said Mary Gordon, student.

Lynchburg students joined students from all over the world on the Carnegie Hall stage. Some came from as far as Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.

"It was just an amazing thing for the kids to sit next someone from another country that spoke a different language," said Dr. Nancy Volk-Stalcup, the choral director at E.C. Glass.

On the big night, all 230 students sang the same piece.

"We were all different but came together to make beautiful music no matter how different we were," said Arielle Garland, student.

But that wasn't their only performance. While having dinner in Little Italy, they sang for the restaurant in Italian.

"We stood up on chairs and shook our napkins," said Jackson.

The students credit Volk-Stalcup for getting the chance to go. She says seeing her students on staged filled her with pride.

"I just can't put it into words. It was so incredible," said Dr. Volk-Stalcup. "I'm still on cloud nine, I just haven't come down yet."

The students and director want to send a special thanks to everyone who donated and made this trip possible.